The Comox Valley Farmers’ Market Association was born early in 1992 when a group of local growers saw the need for a gathering place for farmers to sell directly to the consumer. The association was founded by Dick McGinnis (President), Gail Beaucage (Treasurer), and Dave Bernard (Secretary). With support from regional district director Harold Macy, and guidance from district agriculturalist Gary Rolston, a produce guide was created and stakes were pegged at the site we still call home for what everyone hoped for – a successful weekly farmers market.

From those early days the purpose of the market has always been:

  • To promote the economic health of the local farm community,
  • To provide quality locally grown farm products,
  • To educate the community on agricultural issues, and
  • To promote local agriculture.

To learn more about the Comox Valley Farmers’ market and become a member, visit

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Comox Valley Farmers' Market

This year round showcase of the Comox Valley’s bounty features more than 50 local vendors every week bringing an extraordinary selection of meat, poultry, eggs and seafood, baking and ready to eat meals, processed foods like cheese, yogurt, soup and sauces, jellies and preserves, wine, cider and spirits, and of course hundreds of varieties…

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