Job Opportunity: Laboratory Technician


FoodMetrics Laboratories, a community food analysis laboratory, invites application from interested students from North Island College for an internship opportunity. Students enrolled in biological sciences and/or related fields are encouraged to apply.

Position: Part-time Laboratory Technician

Location: Courtenay, BC

Job Description: A paid contractual internship position in a food analysis laboratory that will involve sample preparation, sample testing, results analysis and data management. The successful candidates shall be required to attend and complete a training programme in Good Laboratory Practice (GLPs), in the use and management of the laboratory’s testing equipment and protocols and in the competent use of the web-based laboratory information management system (LIMS). The position reports to the Laboratory Manager.

1. Receiving, documentation, storage and preparation of food and environmental samples that are submitted to the laboratory.
2. Conducting microbiological and physico-chemical tests on submitted samples in a manner that stringently follows the prescribed protocols.
3. Reading, interpretation and documentation of analytical results in a manner that strictly follows the prescribed protocols.
4. Monitoring and maintaining laboratory equipment and tools to assure optimum functionality.
5. Calibration/Verification of laboratory equipment and tools to assure optimum funtionality
6. Maintaining the safe, secure and sanitary condition of the laboratory.
7. Receiving, documentation, organisation and transmission of messages pertaining to the operation of the laboratory in a manner that is authorized by the management.
8. Receiving, documentation, storage and management of inventory of testing materials and equipment.
9. Consistently maintain the security and confidentiality of information pertaining to testing results and client information.
10. Consistently assure the integrity of the laboratory by making certain that it operates in a manner that is free from issues pertaining to, but not limited to, conflict of interest, personal bias, dishonesty and gross incompetence.

Remuneration: $22.00 per contracted hour

Interested parties may confidentially submit their CVs via:

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