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Calgary to Comox 5 Day Itinerary

September 12, 2023

There’s a certain delight in experiencing the Comox Valley when relentless summer days recede and the air develops a satisfying crispness.


This Vancouver Island community has a relationship intertwined with its bewitching natural surroundings; vivid pops of chlorophyll graduate to many nuanced shades, mass wildlife migration courses through riverways and dinner plates are filled with wholesome seasonal local fare. 

The Comox Valley entices many in the Fall with appealing temperate weather, an abundance of accessible nature, alongside a wealth of charming local artisans and enriching experiences to enjoy. It makes a perfect multi-day getaway from the encroaching bitterly cold days. With many ways to reach the Valley, but a treasured non-stop flight route linking Calgary International Airport (YYC) with Comox Valley Airport (YQQ) and as many as three flights a day both ways, a mini-break out west makes perfect sense to many. Although, fitting in the best of what the Valley has to offer in a number of days is a steep task, thankfully we’ve pieced together a 4.5 day example itinerary as a basis to your trip.

MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre

Filberg Heritage Park

The Lost Faucet Sauna House

Wayward Distillery

Saturday - Get Acquainted.

Sunday - A Day On The Green & By The Sea.

Monday - Cumberland Curiosities.

Tuesday - Fishing.

Wednesday - return to the airport in no rush