Compelling Advantages for Agri-investment

The Comox Valley now boasts one of the few locations in Canada that has tracked a surge in agri-investment activities, with increasing amounts of land being activated into production and higher gross farm receipts being reported. Today, numerous grape and fruit wineries, award winning producers of beef, yogurt, and cheese, and renowned shellfish growers strive to meet the demands of not only international markets, but the increasing culinary tourism reputation the Comox Valley has established. These and many opportunities await investors and entrepreneurial producers.

Growing Profits: With superb growing conditions and increased demand for products, unlike many other agricultural regions, the Comox Valley has seen gross farm receipts increase by 7.8% between 2005 and 2010 to $31.2 million.

Easy Access to Markets: With a massive consumer base close at hand, the region is the perfect location for growing agribusiness; 1 million people located within a three-hour radius, and millions more in the lower mainland and US Pacific Northwest. The Comox Valley International Airport (YQQ) and BC Ferries support the shipping of product throughout Canada, the US Pacific Northwest and into International Markets.

Two-Thirds More Available Land, One-Third the Price: Out of 23k+ hectares, only 23% of it is actively farmed, and the costs of the land are 1/3 the price compared to other growing regions in British Columbia.

Climate for Growth: Situated on the protected south-eastern coast of Vancouver Island the Comox Valley enjoys mild coastal winters with little or no snow, and long growing season and more sunshine hours than other regions in the Province.

Investment Opportunities Abound

Specialty Meat Production, Shellfish Aquaculture, and High-Value Crop Production present emerging investment opportunities that leverage upon market demand and the regional strategic production and distribution advantages of the Comox Valley.


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