New Comox Valley Hospital Project
The North Island Hospital Project has built a new $331.7 million, state-of-the-art, 153-bed hospital, establishing the Comox Valley as a central island health care hub, and attracting business and investment in related health care services.

St. Joseph’s Hospital
The Comox Valley has one hospital and three long-term care facilities providing care to area residents. Founded 1913 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto, St. Joseph’s Hospital is a fully accredited acute and extended health care facility.

St. Joseph’s General Hospital is managed locally by a Board of Directors. By agreement with the Province of BC’s Health Insurance System, its mandate is to provide acute, extended, and ambulatory health services for the present and future healthcare needs of the communities which it serves.

St. Joseph’s is a 240 bed; three-year fully accredited hospital providing primary and secondary levels of care and extended care. Full inpatient and outpatient services are available. St. Joseph’s is the designated North Island referral centre for ophthalmology, urology, psychiatry and high-risk obstetrics. The acute care beds encompass medical / surgical, obstetric, pediatric, intensive care and psychiatric care.

St. Joseph’s also has a 6-bed Transition Unit, a 125 bed Extended Care Unit and a 4 bed medical Day Care Unit. St. Joseph’s provides the following inpatient services: medicine, general surgery, intensive care, thoracic, vascular surgery, pediatrics, urology, psychiatry, dental surgery, pathology, and radiology, inpatient physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychiatric day care, social work, pastoral care, and pharmaceutical services. Physicians are available on call 24 hours.

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