The Comox Valley has 64,639 residents, with more arriving steadily. They’re attracted to the quality of life and the opportunities to raise their families in a safe, clean community. Within a 30 minute drive, there are over 148,957 people.

Trained and Diversified
While the majority of workers are in the retail sector (13.3%), there are almost as many in health care and social services (10.1%), with agriculture and forestry close behind (9.3%). After that comes tourism with 8.9%, construction at 8.1%, education at 6.7% and public administration at 6.6%.

Well Educated with Easy Access to Upgrading Skills
The number of people with some type of post secondary degree, diploma or college certificate has increased significantly in recent years. North Island College, located in the Valley, is certainly a major factor, as they now offer more degree programs.

Labour Force Development Information

In the last 5 years, the Comox Valley has grown by 9%. BC Statistics projects that number will grow steadily for the foreseeable future. By 2031, the population will have almost doubled from 1996, which means more potential workers and customers.

Labour Force Statistics

BC 2025 Labour Market Outlook