Local Industry

Are you an inventor or tech entrepreneur looking for a new industry to disrupt? The Comox Valley and the North Island have a rich tradition of strong, local industries, including aquaculture, agriculture, forestry, mineral extraction, fishing, tourism and recreation. If you’re looking for industry problems to solve, chances are you’re only a few conversations away from discovering what could be a generational breakthrough.

If you're looking for industry problems to solve, chances are you're only a few conversations away from discovering what could be a generational breakthrough."

– Graham Truax, Executive in Residence, IITA
tech solutions for aquaculture
AgriMarine Technologies Inc. (ATI) is a leading innovator of aquaculture systems, dedicated to the development of sustainable technology systems and solutions for commercial applications around the world.

of all employment is related to Health care in the Comox Valley, and accounts for 9% of all personal income. (estimated)


The Comox Valley is not only the largest producer of shellfish in British Columbia, it's the largest producer of oysters in Canada. Unfortunately, production is not meeting up with growing global demand. As more and more people are changing their diets to proteins that are more sustainable than red meat production, the need for shellfish will continue to rise. The clean water of Baynes Sound produce some of the best oysters in the world, making the Comox Valley a prime testing ground for new technologies that could increase the production and sustainability of this precious natural resource.


Unlike the rest of the country, the Comox Valley is one of the few locations in Canada where agriculture is on the rise. We're proud of our local producers of wines, beef, yogurt, cheese, produce and other goods. Even cannabis production is likely to become a major local agricultural force. More and more local land is being activated into agricultural production and producers are making sales locally and globally.

Health Services & Senior Living

Increasingly, advances in medical technology are geared towards helping seniors age in place. New services and products will need to be developed to help keep our elder population safe and comfortable in their own homes, as well as being engaged and contributing to the community for longer than ever before in human history. With 26% of the local population 65 and over, the Comox Valley is prime location for the development of new products and services to aid the elderly

19 Wing Airforce & SAR Training Facility

The presence of 19 Wing Comox creates significant and ongoing economic impacts for the Comox Valley and is the largest economic generator in the region.

Construction & Development

Since the arrival of WestJet in 2001, the Comox Valley has continued to see incredible investment in new residential and commercial development. View current monthly and year to date real estate and construction statistics on our resources page.

Air Support Services

The 10,000 foot runway is one of the longest in British Columbia and boasts full firefighting and rescue capabilities with the potential for 24-hour operation. These features are completely unique among regional airports in the province and mean that the airport is able to handle fully loaded air cargo planes going to Asia.

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