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If you decide to move here, or even if you just want to come visit, you’re going to find yourself in good company. The Comox Valley is attracting the best and brightest from all over. From pros who work remotely for startups and large corporations, to consultants, entrepreneurs and lone-wolf disruptors, to folks just starting out, the local tech scene is a cross-section of the industry as a whole. Designers and developers, marketers and analysts, scientists and engineers, business types and executives, they’re all here. When you come to the Comox Valley, you’ll find a welcoming community full of peers as laid back and ambitious as you are.

I work remotely for an international company as an operations engineer. We chose the CV because it's a small town with great community, easy access to mountains and ocean, affordable housing, and being closer to California and Washington makes it easier to get to tech conferences."

Jeremy A., moved from Montreal 2 years ago
a climate for sport and recreation in every season

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